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Too many items on your to do list and not enough time?

Need something done outside of the "9-5" business hours?

Got a project to tackle but don't know where to start?

Just need an extra set of hands a few hours a week?

Looking for a motivating task companion? 


Or maybe you need a savvy "do it all" professional that can accommodate your unique schedule and requests, handle everything from bookkeeping, event planning, organizing, estate management to random projects and anything in between. 

Part Time 
Project Based 

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Calendaring, Travel Preparations

Presentations, Meetings, Correspondence & Errands, Emergency Preparedness

House Sitting & Specialized Animal Care

Event Planning & Holidays:

Personal & Vendor Gifting

Holiday Shopping & Decorating

Wedding or Event "Day of Coordinator"

Business Structure:

Starting a New Business, Career Motivation

Research & Development, Restructuring

SOP Development, Organization


Executive Caregiver & Sober Companion

Minor or Chronic Conditions

Medication Management

In-Home COVID19 or Contagious Disease Care

Comprehensive Medical File Management

Lifestyle Assistant:

Personal Projects, Social & Family Calendaring

Concierge & Curated Experiences

Death Companion & Planning

Memorial & Funeral Assistant

Real Estate:

Short Term Rental Operations

Private Property Management

Real Estate Business Consulting


Online Markets:



Certified Bookkeeper, Pre-Tax Preparations 

Quickbooks Desktop & Excel Based

California Notary Public

Trust Management, Trustee & Trust Advocate

College Concierge:

Travel Preparations, Moving & Relocations 

Reservations, Social Activities, Shopping

Financial Management, Private Housekeeping

Expert Organizing:

Full Service, Personal Sessions

Pre & Post Move 

Small Business Relocations

Storage Units

Temporary Moves

Home Organization

Renovations, Staging

New Baby or Empty Nesters

Post Death

Inventories and Archives:

Wardrobes & Personal Collectibles

Art, Antiques, Sports, Comic Books, Memorabilia, Automotive, etc.

Digital Organization:

Photographs, Documents,

Creating File Systems

Jewelry, Watches & Beauty Collections

Conversion from Paper Files to Digital

Physical & Digital Logs for Insurance Policies

High End Automotive:

Private/Retail DMV Processing, Purchasing & Sales

Wholesale to Wholesale OL, Imports/Exports, Rallies, Internal Jacket Management

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