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I've spent 20 years working in industries of taste makers, entertainers, high net worth families and entrepreneurs. Calm and poised, with an east coast flare, I am a masterful Jane-of-Many-Trades, graduating from college with degrees in business and fashion, with additional certifications in the medical, automotive, financial and hospitality industries. I have lived on both coasts and have traveled all around the world, intrigued by different cultures and languages. Passionate about reading, drinking tea, automobiles, music, being an animal advocate, supporting local charities, gardening, baking, my clients needs and throwing the best parties in town! Always up for the next adventure and never leaving the house without my label maker!


About Miss Machine

Black Marble


Miss Machine LLC participates in community outreach and supports several organizations in hopes to improve quality of life for those in need. To care about more than just ourselves, without letting the weight of the world crush us.


Be kind to animals and the environment

and pay it forward any chance you can. 

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Certified and Insured @ 2024

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